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Coyote Run Environmental

Coyote Run Golf Course was constructed in 2004 and opened for play in June of 2005.  Since its inception, the goal of the Coyote Run Golf Course staff has been to maintain the golf course in an environmentally sensitive manner. Below are our daily maintenance and operation of the golf course, we practice the following fundamental environmental principles:

  • reduce, reuse and recycle
  • conservation of scarce natural resources
  • use of safe and environmentally sensitive products and organic fertilizers
  • conservation of water
  • minimal pesticide use, Integrated Pest Management, (IPM)
  • preserving and enhancing natural ecosystems
  • promoting environmental awareness to our staff and to our golfing patrons
  • mitigating floods through retention of rain water from the golf course and surrounding neighborhoods
  • bio-solid organic fertility program
  • equipment wash water recycling